I have this quote hanging on my office wall. It’s a reminder to me about how we might best run our networking businesses. Quote: “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”

Make no mistake; just because you work from home, your mlm of bizop is as much a business as any brick and mortar store in your town.

You have supply issues, tax issues, personnel issues and, like any other business owner; you worry about the bottom line. You just don’t commute to a cubicle in some office building.

So, let’s get back to the quote. When building your networking team, the top producers belong to programs that are easy to explain. What I mean is, the pay plan is one page. The product is straight forward and everything can be presented in one or two sentences. It’s not something that needs to be hyped. People that you tell about it either join or they don’t.

If it’s simple to understand and easy to present to others, prospects will feel more confident about being able to manage it if they join. Such a business makes life easier for you to build because you don’t have to arm-twist and coerce others to join. They either will join or they won’t. They either see the wisdom in it or they don’t. They’ll appreciate what you offer or they won’t.  Next!

People that decide themselves to join a business work harder at it and stay longer in it. Your retention rate is higher and you’ll be able to count on your residual income with more confidence.

As to the patience factor in the quote above…you can’t expect someone to jump into your business the first minute they see it. Just relax. I know you want to earn a living but you can’t seem desperate to sign people up. If a prospect senses you’re desperate or needy in any way they will become uncomfortable themselves and their nervousness will make them look elsewhere.

If you take the attitude that someone can join whenever they’re ready, you’ll have much better results. Stay calm when talking about your business. Be matter of fact about the product benefits and the pay plan. Don’t embellish anything. Remember, you’re a respectable business person so act like it.

The compassion part of the above quote has meant the most to me in my endeavors. An old friend pointed this out to me. It has to do with how you talk to your prospects. Like so many, I used to present my offer by telling people how great I was doing and how much money I was making and how many vacations I took each year and how much my house and new car cost.

I had little results this way and honestly, I suspect I didn’t impress anyone with all my ‘big talk’.

My friend, a wise man indeed, pointed out to me that maybe I should try to find out what my prospect needed. In other words, what were their issues? Did they just lose a job? Do they have substantial debt? Do they have college loans? Why do they need extra income?

And by shifting my focus away from myself and putting emphasis onto the needs of my client my results increased dramatically. If people see that you care about them they will trust you. They will enjoy speaking with you and they will eventually be more likely to join your team.

Here’s a great question to use when speaking to a new prospect: “What do you need?” Give it a try and watch your life improve for the better.

All the best,

Donald Gaw



Your Approach is Everything!
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