In Part 1 of this Blog, (read it at: we talked about how a large percentage of people online will join a program or buy into a ‘system’ then never use it or never start promoting the program they’ve joined.

What it usually boils down to, I’ve found, is one or two things. These are: Staying Focused and Not Wasting Time.

The questions I asked in Part 1 were:  Are there solutions to all this? What do successful people do? How do they find the time? How do we keep distractions to a minimum?

The gist of what Successful People do:

  1. They take Action – they don’t begin anything unless they commit to finishing it…period. They have a definite Goal and know ‘Why’ they’re doing this.
  2. They don’t quit – If a problem arises, they solve it and keep going. And, they’re consistent. They work daily to make progress.
  3. They find the time – Successful People watch very little TV.
  4. They work long hours – they’ll work for 2 or 3 hours then break for 15 or 20 minutes then start back. This allows them to maintain their stamina for 10, 12, or 15 hour days.
  5. They don’t let lack of money keep them from starting – They’ll sell a car (I did), borrow, find investors or cash in a 401k or sell stock to raise necessary capital.
  6. They stick to their decisions – Aunt Charlotte or Uncle Buck won’t be able to talk them out of a project once they’ve made up their mind.
  7. They re-invest their profits – they don’t squander the income on trips or a new car. Instead, they will put 10% to 20% into saving then use the rest of the profit on more advertising and promotion.
  8. They take every legal tax break – did you know you don’t have to show a profit in your home based business to get tax breaks? The IRS words it this way: You have to intend to make a profit.
  9. They are coachable – they seek the advice of other successful people. Don’t take any advice from your Cousin that’s on welfare if you want to make $100K per month! (just saying)
  10. They look for and partner with other people that are just as driven and hungry as they are!

So…stop watching television. Have a talk with the kids and spouse. Tell then you’re trying to build something wonderful that will ultimately benefit them so, between the hours of 6pm to midnight, you are NOT to be bothered because you’re working on the new business. It also helps if the spouse will cook a meal or two and run the occasional errand. This means the guys too. Be supportive and admire the guts and the courage your life mate has. Cooperation goes a long way in helping you.

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All the best,

Donald Gaw

YOU CAN’T GET PAST ‘GO’… UNLESS YOU ROLL THE DICE! – Part 2 (How to Get Off the Dime!)
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