It’s interesting how little acts of kindness can have profound meaning later in life.

For instance, a gentleman overheard me say my Father had had a heart attack and was 4 hours away and my car wasn’t running. Without any hesitation, this stranger gave me his keys and said ‘go see your Dad.’

As it turned out, I got to see Dad for a whole hour before he passed away. Probably my most important hour ever! All due to a compassionate, total stranger.

Or…you see a homeless man sitting in the rain and that little voice inside your head tells you to do something so, you stop into a 7-11 Store and buy two hotdogs and a soda and take them back to where he sits. It’s not much but it could help him.

Sometimes letting others know someone cares is enough.

How about the teenager asking for a donation outside a KFC so he can eat? Do you help him or ignore him? If he remains desperate he might do something a bit ill-advised or, if you feed him; his full stomach may give him hope to take a better path.

Even little things like, opening a door for someone or smiling at others can be important to people. Just one little smile could mean the difference between a bad day and a wonderful day.

When’s the last time you listened to something your child said or your Spouse? I mean really listen to them and giving them your full attention!?

Unfortunately, we spend our time listening to the News and it’s generally about negative actions. Plus, most people we’re around seem to be complaining more and more as we become angrier about all the violence, bigotry and inequality.

We mustn’t forget that complaining and shouting about all the negative things going on in the World only adds more negativity. It’s like adding fuel to a fire…the fire spreads!

Only love and kindness can erase hatred and negativity.

As you go about your day, please smile at others. Open a door for someone. Buy a meal for someone. Go cut a neighbor’s lawn for them or offer them a ride to church on Sunday.

It’s your choice.

Do we spread kindness or do we empower hatred?

The decision you make will have a profound effect on every aspect of your life going forward.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

Skype: donald.gaw

You Can Spread Hate or…Just the Opposite!
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