Many millions of people are daily surfing the Internet looking for a good business opportunity to work from home part-time. The idea and their hope is, one day they will be able to leave their 9 to 5 job.

In other words, they want to be their own bosses and have a better quality of life than the one they have at the moment. It’s a great dream to have and it’s attainable…for about 3% of the people that pursue it.

The problem is, people are looking for opportunities to join when instead, we should be looking for the right people to partner up with!

The right partner can make a mediocre business into a spectacular success. However, the best opportunity in the World will die shortly after it starts if the top management and CEO aren’t experienced in networking, mlm, sales or money management.

The typical scenario is something like this.

You’re online, you have little money so…you’re looking for the next opportunity to join. You land on a site or get an email promotion and it sounds terrific, and boy are you glad you found it so…you scrap together a few bucks and you join.

A few months later, if you’re still in it, you get a notice the SEC is investigating your business or, the CEO has left the building or, the company can’t pay commissions, or their supplier has gone out of business, etc, etc, etc.

Now here you are searching once again for something else to join because you still have that idea about a better lifestyle in the back of your mind. Nothing wrong with that. And, it wasn’t your fault that the company folded. None of their issues were caused by you. You’re just an affiliate. You’ve been trying to promote the heck out of it. But, things out of your control happened and the company’s doors are closed.

Your only mistake was…you didn’t check out who the folks were that were running the darn thing.

Don’t forget, when choosing an opportunity, you’re choosing; not just the company but, your also teaming up with the owner and his management people. Who are these people?

If you’re going to do some due diligence, and you certainly should be; first, find out who these folks are.

Do they have a business background, hopefully in networking. Does the BBB know who they are. If they claim to have been successful then there will be info on them in Google or with Forbes. Heck, nowadays you can even do complete background checks on almost anyone for just a few dollars on several websites.

The point is, these are the people you’ll be doing business with. You’re not doing business with the bottle of pills they send you. You’re doing business with real people and for you to be successful and have a chance at a better life you have to partner with straight up, quality, experienced, honest people.

Avoid people with questionable reputations and limited experience and hazy backgrounds. Forget the smoke and mirrors about what a great opportunity you’re thinking about. Instead, find great people to work with. There is a reason they’re with the company they are in. Besides, you’re spending your money so you deserve to have the best outcome.

Partners you can trust and respect will give you your best odds of having that dream lifestyle. Don’t buy into opportunities. Buy into the people behind an opportunity. That’s the way to pick a winner!

Donald Gaw

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