Like many of us, I’ve tried various ‘business opportunities’ offered online to help make me rich, get me thinner and save me lots of money. 99% of them didn’t work.

Oh, they might have eventually worked out but, human nature wants gratification right now. Not 2 or 3 months from not but…RIGHT NOW!

If I swallow a diet pill and the next morning I have lost any weight, I am likely to can that business and go on to some other thing that’s promising to cure what I need to fix.

Most of the Ads imply that everything will happen quickly.

If you buy a particular treadmill and do just 10 minutes a day you’ll lose weight and get a six-pack. Won’t happen. You’re better off just buying a six pack and watching football on Sunday. It won’t cost nearly as much as the $1600.00 machine gathering dust in the corner of your bedroom.

When you get into a business you want something that shows almost immediate results.

If I can’t get the energy promised, or lose the weight my first week that they told me I would, I lose interest and certainly don’t promote it. Have you ever bought a software they said would make your life easier and put selling on auto-pilot? I did once. The darn thing was so complicated to set up that I gave up. Another waste of money.

How much have you spent on stuff that didn’t quite measure up to the hype? $100’s? $1,000’s? Yep…me too! One thing about working for yourself, you can write off these losses on your taxes in the U.S. and I hope elsewhere. Besides, these disappointments are life lessons. We learn as we go and hopefully don’t make the same costly mistakes in the future.

So, a key element in starting any business either online or offline is; find a business that will offer great benefits to your clients almost immediately. This way, they become engaged in the business themselves and your retention rate won’t suffer. That’s why pushing Pills, Potions and Lotions is so frustrating. Folks don’t see any results right away and they give up.

One other thing that happens is…when a product works as promised, you’ll start getting great word of mouth referrals! That’s a wonderful position to be in.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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Why won’t it work?
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