A wise man once explained that reaching your destination was the beginning of your journey. That’s because a new location will have much for you to learn about and much to explore.

The same is very true in Networking Marketing.

The start of your journey is when you’ve joined a company to build your team with. But, with each new level that you reach within that company’s pay plan, you find more opportunity for additional growth and much more to learn and see.

And so it will go with each new goal that you reach.

Each new level brings with it more responsibility and more exciting challenges and opportunities for you to learn about and for you to share with your fellow networkers.

Yes the extra income is great but having more money also brings with it more levels of responsibility. What do you want to do with the added income? Do you want to endow a wing on your church? Maybe you can bankroll a food bank and help the homeless.

Maybe you just want to take a great vacation or send a family member to college?

So…let’s say you’ve reached the top of your MLM’s Pay Plan. What do you do now? Believe me, your career is only just now starting. When you reach the top level, you may have thought that’s when you’ll retire and go live on some island somewhere. Nope.

When you reach the top in your career that’s when people want to learn from you. They want you to tell them how you did it. What was your method of operation? How did you recruit so effectively? Once you’re at the top, you stop chasing people to join your opportunity because they are now chasing you in the hope that some of your magic will rub off on them.

So, to answer the question about when you’ll stop working that’s simple. Successful people never stop.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

When Do You Stop Working?
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