I was in my yard today, trimming some shrubs and edging the grass. Then I washed one of my cars and made lunch for myself.

I was on no set schedule. I hadn’t planned to do any of that, except for the lunch but; when I went outside this morning, I realized some things needed doing so…I did them.

Since I don’t have any set schedule, no job to report to and no boss; I was able to relax and enjoy my chores on a pleasant morning with the sun shinning and a bird chirpping and a soft breeze blowing. I went at my own pace and totally enjoyed myself. (Lunch was great by the way.)

At some point, I realized I was smiling. Then I realized why.

If I had to go back 20 years to my last job, you would not have seen a smile and; you would have thought I was a beaten man. I hated everything about my life then. The daily routine and commute. The lousy boss. Dude was crude and a bully and stupid. We had little money and I didn’t see how I’d ever get a promotion or a pay raise.

It’s a bleak way to live.

Now, I get up, walk down a hallway to my office, check my emails and answer those that need it. Then, I go out to see what the day the Universe has planned for me.

Each new day is different. We have no money worries and; instead of being down in the dumps, I am full of Gratitude for everything and everyone in my life. And it’s all due to being independent and working for yourself.

I never realized until I made a commitment to myself to have a better life just how valuable ‘Time Freedom’ is! When you can control when and what you’re doing creates less stress. It produces a positive attitude and a happy demeanor.

And, these things are transmitted to everyone you meet causing even more positive experiences for you and those around you. People just like associating with a happy person!

What I’m trying to tell you with this message is: If you’ve been on the fence about starting a business of your own then…please do! Or if you’ve already started…don’t quit. The reason I say this is: “You don’t know what happiness is until you create your own.” – D. G. Gaw

All the best to you,

Donald Gaw

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