I wanted to quickly reach out to you to introduce an opportunity that I think will be of particular interest. The recently launched service – ThoseILove – is a very cool site that allows Members to create unique online capsules for their loved ones. There’s obviously much more to the product that we’ll discuss when we can chat. What got me is the model they’ve created to bring this to the world. They’ve taken a really unique approach, taking the best parts of Affiliate Marketing (like you see done by Adobe, eBay, Amazon, etc.) and they’ve merged it with the good aspects of Network Marketing to create a really fair and lucrative model that I believe we should talk about.

Go to – ThoseILove – to see the product, then click on “Become an Affiliate” at the top right of the home page. You’ll then see what I’m talking about. There’s also a PDF on the page that goes into some detail. If you decide you want to jump right in now (only $20 to become an Affiliate and only $80 for a discounted Membership through me), use my Affiliate Code which is TIL-DonaldGaw.

Here’s a Short Introduction for you to Watch.

If you’d like to discuss anything about this, we’re online from 8am to 8pm Daily except Sunday.

Leave More Than Possessions. Leave Love!

Leave More Than Possessions. Leave Love!