It’s Sunday and I’m preparing for church today but, wanted to bang out this quick PR before leaving.

I’m always amazed at the really nice things that happen to business owners. I know…there’s always a bit of frustration but, over time, you get more and more organized and; you become more proficient and the glitches you’ve had early on get fewer and farther apart and you finally become the proud owner of a well-oiled machine.

Early this week I had a Lady call out of the blue. I’d never spoken to her before but she saw my site somewhere and liked one of my links and just wanted to thank me for putting it up. She said she’d been looking for just such an item for a while now was just letting me know she’d made a purchase.

Like I said, I’d never heard of her before but, that goes to show you the power of this Internet thing.

A few days ago, one of my Associates on the free IBOToolbox Platform saw one of my Ads and has expressed interest in that item. Then, to top it off, a friend told a co-worker of his that I work from home and the co-worker is now in my downline in my main networking business.

I mention this because, as I get ready for church, it’s dawned on me that there’s one common thread in all these occurrences.

The thing these seemingly different things have in common is: ‘Consistency!’

I am online every day. I advertise and post daily. I email my list regularly. I’m on Social Media every day. Every time I go to the store I make it a point to give out 2 or 3 business cards.

Even on my website I let people know that I have a Contact Page and I have Live Chat on my site. I also show that I’m online from 8am to 8pm Daily except Sunday in the Eastern time zone.

People can get to me. They can find my email and my Skype and phone.

In other words, I’m accessible.

It makes a difference…just saying!

Hope the week coming up is a great one for you.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

Skype: donald.gaw

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