One mistake we all make is jumping from one business to another without giving ourselves any chance to succeed in whatever business we decided to join in the first place.

If you read about some of the more famous networkers, one trait they all had was they stayed with one company until that company started providing a good income. In other words, they didn’t give up at the first sign of trouble.

The very idea of work means you need to work hard through good and bad times equally. When things aren’t going well just means we need to work harder.

Besides, you may as well stay in your current program because there’s no guarantee any new program will be better!

When we’re in the middle of a bad storm, we don’t run away; instead, we work to survive that storm until the sun comes out again! It should be the same in business. Solve the problems that arise and move forward.

Another problem with quitting your opportunity is, you probably haven’t been in it long enough to really learn all the features and benefits available to you with that company. I guarantee the more you learn about your business the better you’ll become at it.

My favorite saying is: ‘Knowledge = Earnings’ – D. G. Gaw

I know people that didn’t earn any significant income the first 10 years with their company. Then, things started to turn around for them and they make thousands weekly!

One friend did not earn a single dime his first full year in his company. Now he makes 6 figures each month!

The only thing they all have in common is an unwillingness to give up.

Learn everything you can about your opportunity. Know it better than its board of directors! Get so good at all the features and benefits and the comp plan that you can answer any question asked about it. Become the ‘go to’ guy for the brand you’ve picked.

You’ll find that people like associating with people that know stuff! New people will be drawn to you like a magnet and you’ll begin to see great results.

The odds will be in your favor in your business if you stick with it and learn all about it. You’ll only shoot yourself in the foot by quitting.

Unfortunately, there are no favorable odds in giving up!

God Bless.


Donald Gaw

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