Help! I’m drowning in emails from ‘bizops’! Do you sometimes hate opening your email?

Everyone that sends me information about their ‘new’ opportunity says the same thing. Their new ‘start up’ is the best one on the market (boy am I lucky), it will make everyone more money than any other and, it has a miraculous new product guaranteed to make us all look like either Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Jessica Alba.

C’mon folks…they can’t all be Number 1.

I mean, one or two of them have to be the second best…right?

Oh, and they all have a management team with a combined networking experience of 100’s of years so we’ll all know that the company will be around for the long haul. Sure.

Another thing that bugs me is, only about 2% of these start ups manufacture the products they’re selling! Their labels mostly say ‘Made for and Distributed by XYZ Company’! Huh? Wait a minute. You mean to tell me this company that wants me to become a distributer is (wait for it)…nothing more than a DISTRIBUTER too???

You see, what happens is, a few buddys get together and hire graphic designers to create snappy websites and cute logos. Then they get the product by finding a manufacturer that’s already producing some pills or a drink and is willing to ‘private label’ this product and ship it for their new company making it look like it comes from the start up and voila…we have a brand new networking opportunity!

By the way…don’t forget about their Staff Doctor’s Testimonials touting all the health benefits. Fiction!

The other thing that makes these companies difficult to build a team with is generally the price for their product is too high. By the time they pay wholesale for these products, then factor in how much money they’ll need to pay out commissions and; don’t forget they need to make some profit themselves then that bottle of pills they bought for .47 per bottle ends up being $49.95! Another issue is, you can probably find a similar product in a local health food store or at GNC or Walgreen’s. That’s too much competition for you and me to go up against.

You’d be shocked at how little some of these pills wholesale for. A friend of mine is a wholesaler. He once told me that one rep he buys product from sells to him for 1/2 cent per pill and, HE makes money! Geez!

Anyway, once I realized that everyone was selling essentially the same type of diet drink or pill, I started looking for types of products that have little or no competition. Or, I try to find products that are bargains. In other words, I look for products that have great benefits, yet are still inexpensive. I also stay away from pills and such. I just can’t justify working against 100’s of 1,000’s of other folks trying to do the same thing with the same type of product. Working for yourself should be fun, not difficult.

This is why people jump from program to program. Most people have a lot of skill and talent but the system is set up to work against them. No wonder the fall out rate in networking is around 96%.

To see some examples of businesses that have little, if any, competion; visit me at You will see several, low-cost programs that work! Plus, we offer free daily training which means you will not be left behind if you partner with us.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

They Can’t All Be No. 1
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