Don’t you hate it when you read an email or an ad talking about some new program and they make it sound so ridiculously fantastic that you just have to have it? They do know what buttons to push don’t they?

They even say it’s free to download. So, you say to yourself…’How can I go wrong if it’s free?’ and, you download it and can’t wait to put it to good use so you can finally start making all the money you’ll ever need while sitting in front of your laptop in your pj’s.

Only one problem…sure it’s free to download but, you need to spend $27 to get it to open up so you can access all its features!

Can anyone say…GOTCHA!

Since you’ve already downloaded it, about half of us go ahead and spend the $27. Of those that do purchase, only about 10% will ever use it for more than one week before going on to some other supposed ‘golden ticket to wealth’.

And so it goes. People keep buying and buying and jumping in and out of one dubious opportunity and into the next; spending money they really can’t afford on items that will do them no good.

I also dislike most networking companies that sell pills and potions and miraculous drinks all designed to improve your health, make you lose weight without dieting or keep you energized so you can work even more hours each day!

Over the past 20 or so years, I’ve probably tried over 50 different products from several mlm purveyors and sadly, none have ever worked. I came to the realization that people are excited about these products, not because they work but; because the people have paid to be in the company and they’re excited because they want to sell the products. And, that’s the only reason 96% of the time!

They know they bought into the hype and got suckered into joining; now they have to act like everything’s wonderful so you’ll join too! I guess they don’t want to be the only one’s looking foolish. Misery loves company!

The ideal product would be one that works! And, one that didn’t cost the consumer anything! It would also be nice if it came with a market that needs it and can’t function without it.

Oh…if you had such a product could you promote it?

What if it came with a market of 80 million consumers with potential revenue of $70 Billion Dollars?

How much of that would you want? If you don’t know about this, you might want to get in touch and I will tell you how you can see it for yourself.

Nice thing about something that’s free…you don’t need to sell it! J

All the best,

Donald Gaw

The Ideal Business
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