‘The Largest Transfer of Wealth in History.’

This was according to Mr. Warren Buffett who happens to be the 3rd wealthiest person in the World! So, he speaks and I listen.

Look, I am seldom surprised by anything I see online anymore. I mean, after 20 years doing this ‘work from home thing’; I’ve see a lot of stuff. Some are good but, most simply terrible. So, when an acquaintance tells me to look at a Video, I take that suggestion with a grain of salt and put his email aside to do my real online work.

I sell online training products and that’s the bulk of my income; but that has nothing to do with this post.

One day, I was taking a break and remembered the Video I said I’d watch. Turns out this company is U.S. based, does NOT sell potions or lotions or pills…thank God! They’ve been in business for 10 years or so and are in Texas.

Okay, so what’s the big deal? Well, by their 7th year they’d hit one billion dollars in revenue that year and have done over One Billion Dollars each year since!!! In fact they’ve won all kinds of awards like the best place to work, have super BBB ranking, were named the fastest growing company, etc…etc…etc.

And get this…one of the co-founders built one of the largest franchise companys in the Country! Guy knows how to run a business.

Anyway, I’m finally watching this Video…which was a Simulcast of their biggest announcement to date. And…the news is big, Folks!

How does having access to around 80 Million new Customers and a potential share in a $70 Billion Dollar Market sound? $70,000,000,000 are you kidding me??? Good Grief! That’s huge! I just want a little slice of that!

Now, just so you know, this new market won’t be in place until May 2017 but you might want to take a look at what’s going on here. They got my attention and it usually takes a two-by-four to wake me up!

Anyway, due to the nature of various laws and requirements between states, I can’t really blab about this too much except to say that if you want to know more, I will gladly share all this with you privately. Just email me at: donaldgawpartners@gmail.com or text me at: (502) 608-9055 and I’ll call you back.

Don’t put this off. I want you to get into position asap and hit the ground running with me.

Can you get excited about a $70 Billion Dollar Market? (Dumb question…right?)

Talk soon…all the best,

Donald Gaw




Talk About A Perfect Storm
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