A lot’s been written about why some are profoundly successful and some…not so much.

Is it tenacity or smarts? Is it having a lot of money to start with? Is it skill or talent?

One thing I know, if you read about successful people; one item stands out related to their success and it’s that they all stuck to their enterprise until they reached their goals. They did not quit. That always seems to be the main ingredient to anyone’s achievement…they stuck with something and didn’t give up.

I agree with that to a point but, there’s another factor involved in becoming successful and that is: ‘Don’t start something unless you mean to finish it.’

How is that different than not giving up you might ask?

For one thing, and I’m assuming you’r the 1 in 100 that will follow through if you join something but, by following this principle of ‘not starting unless you mean to finish’; you’ll save a lot of time and money if you pause to consider it before jumping in.

For example, have you ever signed up for something and then didn’t even promote it?  Did you get a book and not read it. Or, did you buy a course and not do even one lesson? How about going to a webinar? Did you buy their Training Material because you got all fired up only to get back home and go back to running your business the same old way without implementing any of the ideas you learned over the weekend at the Seminar?

Some of the above examples have to do with the fact that change is hard. It also has to do with the fact that we’re stubborn at times and reluctant to change because that would mean we’re probably not as bright as we thought we were. It’s hard to admit we weren’t quite as talented as we thought and needed help in getting ourselves onto the right track.

It’s a hard reality for some of us isn’t it?  lol

I have to admit to you that, without exception, every time I’ve been in trouble in business it has ALWAYS been my own stubborn fault! It took me years (and a lot of money) to finally realize there are other folks in the World that know lot’s more than me!

In the end, if I did get out of trouble and turn a business around; it was because I eventually reached out to others for ideas and help. As some one once said: ‘It does take a Village.’

This is why I focus so much on offering access to lots and lots of training.

Too many of us jump into a business or a networking situation (mlm) only to realize that we don’t know who to market it to or, how to market it. Have you ever blamed the company you joined for not succeeding with it? Have you quit it and a few days later the Vista Print Business Cards you ordered shows up in the mail? All you can do is throw them out and order cards for the new ‘better’ company you’ve already signed up for.

Hint: Start using ‘generic’ cards with a redirected url on it. This will save you some cash. You can just change the redirect as you change to different opportunities.  🙂

So…back to the title of this blog. ‘Only Start What You’re Willing to Continue’. What this means is, take a little time to decide what you want first. What type of lifestyle do you want? How much money do you want to make? What type of product are you really comfortable selling? Are you talented and creative? Can you come up with a product of your own or, should you affiliate with someone that will let you sell their stuff? Can you write and do you enjoy it?

What’s your joy and what’s your passion? Do you have a hobby your hyped on? Are you a great cook? Do you sew or can food or make bird houses? You could write a report about those things and sell it. There are thousands of things to do. What do you like? Pick your passion and interest first then, go find a business opportunity that fits with your needs and likes!

If you can’t find one then…learn how to turn you interest’s into products you create and own and can sell yourself. Then you’d make 100% commission.

Take the time to decide first. Do some research for a week or so then make an informed decision? That’s a better way to enter into a business. Pick a niche that you like, not one that someone says you should like.

One more point I’d like to make is this: ‘Don’t Start Any Business Until You Know What to Do!’ This is why training is so vital. Be patient and Learn first…then, Earn! Look through this site at all the Training offered. You will find much to help you. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate

You can join it for free and you’ll immediately have 100’s of experienced people that will help you and answer you’re questions. You need not be alone when setting out on a new and exciting chapter of your Life!

Be Blessed, Study Hard, Don’t Give Up,

Donald Gaw

Knowledge = Earning Power

Only Start What You’re Willing to Continue