A huge percentage of people try to get training. They are told exactly how to start and earn in business. They are taught how to market, when to market, where to market and how much to market. They are taught people skills, how to attract people and how best to serve others so they’ll want to do repeat business. In other words, they are give the keys to what amounts to a pot of gold if…they will take Action!

Action is the key.

Action can overcome lack of education, lack of experience and lack of talent. Yet, so many still have a ‘I don’t know what to do’ mindset.

To get beyond ‘I don’t know what to do’ and get to where you’ll take Action you must adapt to new ideas, new ways of proceeding. You must get out of your comfort zone. That box you’re in is your cubicle at work. Do you really enjoy it there?

And don’t think you can’t adapt. Every person on the planet is adapting each day. Short people have to adapt to reach the top shelf. Tall people need to duck to enter some doorways. People in wheelchairs compete in athletic competitions.

There a people that live each day without hearing, sight or the ability to speak and; they each make a way for themselves by adapting to their circumstances. Look at Stephen Hawking’s condition. He’s trapped in a chair and can’t feed or cloth himself and yet, he’s created some of the most profound theories about outer space and is world reknown. He adapted and found a way to have a career.

Look at any single mother trying to raise kids and working 3 jobs to provide for them and making it work. She’s adapting. Visit any elderly person having to live alone with just a small social security check to make ends meet. He/She must pay rent, buy food and keep the electricity on. They know how to adapt.

So, do yourself a favor, you with your two strong legs and arms and decent health; don’t tell yourself you can’t do something just because it’s hard to get started. Yes it’s new. Yes you’re having to learn a few new skills and yes there are bumps in the road but that’s what makes it all a glorious endeavor; stop the pity party and take Action!

There are so many other people; broke, sick, old and handicapped that would give anything to be in your shoes right a this moment.

Be Blessed in 2017…Sincerely,
Donald Gaw

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No Excuses – Take Action
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