For a while now, I’ve noticed my best days are the days when I practice being grateful. And, not for anything spectacular or unusual. My best (and happiest) days are days when I give a ‘thank you’ for the rain. Or, ‘thank you’ for the parking spot near the store I need to go into.

I can even be grateful for the store having the item I was looking for!

Of course, I’m happy for big things too but, big stuff doesn’t happen all the time. Little things do happen all the time and we should be grateful for them.

The habit of ‘giving thanks’, I know, seems silly to some. However, I’ve learned that because I practice gratitude, I’m much happier that my acquaintances that don’t practice this simple technique.

Notice I said ‘acquaintance’ and not ‘friends’ in the last sentence. I’m very particular who is close to me. I only consider someone a friend if they too, give thanks and practice ‘gratitude’. That’s because folks that know this simple habit, are positive people and have a ‘forward thinking’ personality.

It’s a pleasure to be around them. My spirits are lifted and I feel good being near people that are positive and upbeat. Negativity has no place in my World.

Practicing ‘gratitude’ will eliminate negativity from your life and create an aura of positive energy around you. Your outlook will improve. You’ll start to see possibility everywhere instead of only problems. Great ideas will begin to manifest themselves to you. The smallest occurrence will give you pleasure. You’ll start to attract positive people into your life and into your business.

Opportunities will come your way more often and your current business will take on new life and meaning. Your relationships will improve and flourish. And yes, as corny as it sounds, life will take on more profound meaning for you personally. You’ll have more energy. You’ll develop expanded curiosity and interests and, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the people around you.

And all this starts with being ‘grateful’ for the tiniest things. It’s true, the simplest things can have the biggest impact. Gratitude is one of those things.

All the best,
Donald Gaw

My Best Days
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