With all the abundance in the World and all the many opportunities available to each of us; how is it that people still manage to be unhappy?

Let me stop the speculation about that question and just give you, what I believe, are some simple steps to take to be happy.

!. Do work that’s meaningful to you.

2. Do work that makes a difference for others.

3. Accept the love that’s presented to you.

4. Give love in return.

5. Be grateful, on a daily basis, for even the smallest thing.

And…that’s it!

Doesn’t seem so difficult does it?

About #1…don’t do any bizop unless it’s something you’re passionalte about. That’s key. For example, If you’re not really into weight loss, why are you selling an mlm diet plan? Regroup and decide what you’re true interests are and find or create and opportunity that align’s with your own interests and beliefs.

About #2…does what you’re doing really benefit or help your potential clients or; does your business only benefit you? If you’re just making money and, at the same time, your offer doesn’t add any value to your customer’s life…you’re creating negative results and it can’t and won’t last.

About #3…if others genuinely like you, let them. Don’t push people away. Take time to talk and visit. Get out from in front of your laptop and mingle. Go to church or go bowling or do volunteer work. Your entire outlook will improve if you’re around fellow human beings. Personal connection is important to your mental well being.

About #4…Appreciate others. Send thank you cards. Do favors. Cut someone’s grass for them. Show someone how to market online. Just do anything that’s positive and will help your friends and neighbors.

About #5…Tell the Universe (or whatever God you believe in) that you’re grateful for things that happen. If you get a parking spot right in front of a store…say ‘thanks’. If you win $2 bucks on the lottery say ‘thanks’. If your sinuses cleared up say ‘thanks’. Anything that’s positive and good that happens, no matter how big or small say ‘thanks’.

Follow these five steps every day and in a very short while, you will notice a vast improve in everything you do.

I am thankful you are reading this!

All the best,

Donald Gaw

It’s Easy to be Happy –