I had a gentleman tell me a couple of days ago he wasn’t having any luck keeping his Team from leaving him and going elsewhere. He was a bit frustrated by this and disappointed that he wasn’t making any sustainable income.

I asked him what his policy was about training his people and keeping in touch with them.

His reply was: “Huh!?”

Now let me back up to say this guy is a hard worker. He’s like a hunter in the jungle. If he doesn’t kill something, he doesn’t eat. He spends his time looking for fresh meat. His whole approach to MLM is about quantity.

When he was first introduced to MLM, his sponsor signed him up, told him to go read a Milton Fogg book and maybe some Covey and some Ziglar then go out and enroll as many people as he could so he could quit his job and then; his upline promptly forgot about him and never returned his calls or answered any of his emails.

When he had a question, he called the Customer Service at Corporate.

So…it’s now a couple of years later and he’s still enrolling folks like crazy and they’re also quitting soon after they’ve joined and my ‘friend’ is frustrated, broke, confused and ready to give up!

Can’t blame him.

You see, he’s only doing what his sponsor did to him. Sign ’em and leave ’em and let the numbers take care of themselves. Isn’t it funny how just a little knowledge can make a big, big difference?

What I wish he’d been told in the beginning, and what I did tell him the other day is; forget about the numbers. Signing up a mob of people will only get you writer’s cramp! It won’t make you any money!

What he (and we all) should be doing, is stop looking for crowds of people to enroll and instead; go find just 3, or maybe 4, quality, hard working, hungry, motivated people that are willing to do what it takes to build a life for themselves that others can only imagine! Go find some true believers! People that know there’s got to be something better in store than just 9 to 5 drudgery.

To me, if all I’m doing is trying to see how many people I can enroll like it’s some sort of contest then, all I’m doing is working for the company I’ve joined. That means I’m not working for me, I just exchanged one job for another.

However, if I’m patient, and go find just 3 maybe 4 real quality, open minded, intelligent people and then; focus all my efforts on helping them grow their business with one-on-one training, email motivational messaging, text and phone calls every day. In other words, being there for them!

If you’ll do those things then, you’ve quit being an employee for someone and started becoming the Leader and Manager you were meant to be.

And, instead of making this Networking thing just another job, you’ve turned it into a Career and a Business of your own that you can be proud of! And, in the process, you will have developed a Team that won’t quit and your Residual Incomes will be permanent and life altering!

All the best,

Donald Gaw

Skype: donald.gaw

It’s About Quality – Not Quantity
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