If you’re with any Networking/MLM Company that has a forced Matrix Style Pay-plan and they require you to get 3 or maybe 4 on your first level then, go get them.

I hope you didn’t already purchase someone’s dvd or ebook or pay to attend a webinar about all this.

What I just told you is it! That’s the entire ball of wax. It’s all you’ll ever need to know to become successful in network marketing. If you take my advice and fill your first level then get your enrollees to do the same, you will become wealthy.

Forget spending money on systems or gimmicks that ‘guarantee’ you that you need some special magic bullet to make it in MLM. You don’t. Just do what it takes to get your first level filled. Then you can promote yourself from being a lowly salesperson to becoming the manager of others you were meant to become.

That’s right. Once you’ve sold 3 or 4 people on your opportunity then you stop being the desperate sales man or woman because now, you have a staff of people under you. Now your job is to manage them until they’ve filled each of their own first levels.

Rinse and repeat.

Despite the simplicity of this, I still see ad after ad from people promoting some glorified system for list building. Seriously, do you really think you need a giant list of 1,000’s of people when you only need 3 on the first level of your mlm business?

You can go and stand at the exit of any mall and hand out a flyer about your business. If mall security asks you to leave then go over to the grocery store and hand them out. Eventually, you will find someone interested.

I mention this method only because most of us don’t have any acquaintances left that will join us in some ‘pyramid’ scheme. At least not until you start earning significant residual income. Once they see that new Corvette in your driveway then, and only then, they will be curious about what you’re up to.

The point is…you need to do whatever it takes to get your first level filled. Like the Nike people have been telling us…Just Do It!

Go to work.


Donald Gaw

Skype: donald.gaw

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