Do you ever travel much? Or maybe go for a Sunday drive? As you cruise through the countryside from one small town to the next, one thing becomes apparent. Every town you enter has a McDonald’s and a KFC. They all have a Walgreen’s or a Rite Aid. Some of the bigger towns might even have a Walmart.

Point is…all of these towns look alike. If your new to the area, you’d have a hard time remembering any of the names of these places! There’s nothing to really differentiate one from the other. And, nothing makes any of these towns special or would make you want to go back there.

We have the same problem online. Everyone has the same website. Everyone has an autoresponder. Your mlm is similar to most of the others.  All the capture pages are similar and each has a box for name, email address and phone number. Most products being sold are all touted as being the best and many have a ‘team build’ with similar language explaining why you should ‘take action’ now to take advantage of the tremendous ‘spill over’.

It seems as if we’ve reached a point where nothing is really unique and new so “let’s just lie about how great it is in the hope someone will jump ship from there mlm to join this one that’s really almost just like the one they’re going to leave.”

There are tons of products that will help you improve your health, make you lose weight, and improve your libido; and , you therefore have millions of other people to compete with. There are countless motivational tapes and books and seminars you can go to that will give you the secret to becoming a millionaire in no time.

If you have the advantage of age as I do, you’ll remember 20 or so years ago these motivational speakers were saying the same things to past audiences that they say nowadays. Nothing has changed and none have become rich by attending a seminar. They’re all alike. You’re told: Be positive, Believe, Take Action, Commit, Trust in Meditation, Say your Affirmations Daily, Reach Your Inner Self….etc. etc.

Okay, okay…so how do we make great money online if we’re all basically doing the same thing?

Become your own Product.

Instead of paying others to join their company and buying their products and spending your money to advertise their business, why not create your own product to sell. Become the ‘go to’ person, and it doesn’t need to be anything fancy or very technical.

Do you have a special skill you can talk about? Do you have a great Cake Recipe people would like to have? Do you know how to cure a bad golf swing? Can you show someone how to play guitar? Or…build birdhouses or rid your yard of rabbit holes or sew a skirt?

Then, all you need do is put your special skill into a booklet form and sell that knowledge on Kindle or sell it from your own personal website or use Social Media. The great thing about this is it doesn’t cost you a dime to produce so all profits are yours!

One woman where I live put the word out by placing flyers around town that she would teach people to sew. She now has several sewing machines in your basement and has classes in her home several times a week and she now has a waiting list of new folks wanting to learn from her. She earns around $1400 per week and…it’s all from home!

You could do this same thing with a cooking class or a pottery class or gardening classes. Are you skilled in putting on make-up or could you teach others how to dress properly for a job interview?

If you don’t like having a lot of people around, here’s my all time favorite money maker. Be a writer! If doesn’t cost a thing, you can do it from anywhere and there are lots of places online to sell your works of poetry, your novel or your ‘how to’ book!

All I’m saying is: “Do something to differentiate yourself from everyone else.”

Remember how they’re always saying that 97% of people fail in networking! If that’s true…then why are you networking? Do something unique something different. “If you try to be like everyone else (duplication), you’ll only get as far as everyone else gets!”

Just saying….

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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