Do you ever get frustrated?

I’m not talking about your job or the 9 to 5 grind. I’m talking about your life in general. Do you have enough money in the bank? Can you take your Wife out a couple of times each week to dinner or a movie? Is your home paid for? Do you vacation and, if so, is it just a quick drive to a local theme park or is it several weeks on a river cruise through Europe?

I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. I once moved cross country and only had $37 in my pocket, no checking account, no credit cards, no place to stay and no job. That’s not fun, believe me.

I kept asking myself…”Donald, how did you end up here?”

But times change, people help out; and, things eventually get better and your life improves. At least it does for some. But, for a lot of us, life is boring, or scary, or hopeless. And that’s a shame.

The good news is circumstances can change.

I remember once selling my only form of transportation, a ‘51 Pontiac, to get enough money to join a business opportunity. It was a water purification system. I’d ride the bus to my appointments. After about 6 months of that drudgery, I made a couple of sales and things started to improve.

Would you sell your only car to get into a business? What was I thinking? Sometimes though, if you just try, the Universe lets you succeed.

Anyway, back to being frustrated. I had originally meant to talk about online frustration. You know. You purchase a system from some guru that’s told you he’s earning $289,000 monthly on auto-pilot and you send him not $197 dollars but, if you purchase now it’s only $47! Since he’s such a nice guy giving you that discount you PayPal him and get the program.

That program will do one of two things. It will probably be too difficult to put into practice or, you’ll have to buy a couple of other things to really, really, really get into the big, big money. The bottom line is, this guy makes money selling that program…not using it!

Oh, and the pretty car he was standing in front of was a rental. And, the people that own the big house he’s in front of, are probably calling 911 because some goofball is in their driveway with a Lambo taking pictures. His website sure makes him look successful though doesn’t it?

It’s no wonder we get frustrated.

But, hang in there. You’ll get hooked up with the right people eventually. Believe me, there ARE ways to  make a very good living online, working for yourself. You can have that kind of life and all you need do is change a couple of things you’re doing now.

We’ll talk about that in my next post. In the meantime…don’t give up. What you want is out there and you can find it.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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How Did I Get Here?
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