Our success is often measure by how many times we’ve failed.

In a study done by the Wall Street Journel, the most successful and richest men and women on the Planet are the people that have had the most failures. The report went on to say that overcoming failure involves just two traits.

1. Once you have a failure you can’t dwell on it.  And…

2. Immediately, start your new Project with as much enthusiasm and the same energy level you had with the failed Project.

This sounds a lot like throwing ideas up on a wall to see which one will stick. And, it’s pretty much the same thing. Mark Cuban has more failures than you can count. He’s a Billionaire. Warren Buffett has failed many times but all we hear about is his vast wealth and successes.

Nobody cares that you failed. Once you’ve gotten past the latest failure and, if you’ve moved on to something new, people will look up to you and admire you for being wealthy and successful in your newest project.

It’s like what really great Salesmen will tell you. They love to hear ‘No’! It doesn’t bother them. That’s because they’ve learned that a ‘No’ gets them closer to a ‘Yes’. Some can even tell you mathematically. They’ll know that for every 6 ‘No’s’, for example, they will receive a ‘Yes’ and make a sale.

So…if you’re a Sales Person, and if you want to succeed; go out and see how many ‘No’ you can get. Each ‘No’ should make you happy because you’re getting closer to making a Sale!

It’s the same with Recuiting people into your Business Opportunity. Most Networking Programs need you to build a Team or Downline. That’s how you earn Commissions. However, most of us have found it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Sure, you can have a terrific product and an amazing pay plan but; people are cautious and not many will sign up regardless of how great your Business looks. What you have to do is determine how many people your plan says you need on your first level. Let’s say that number is 3 people.

Now determine, through your recruiting efforts, how many people you talk to about your business before get ting a ‘Yes’. Is it 7 or 8 people? Now you know that to be successful with your Business Opportunity you’ll need to only speak with 8 people and you’ll have a sign up. To fill your first level you’ll need to present your Opportunity to 24 people.

If you haven’t done that yet…Go Do It! Then, show your new members how they can build their first level. Explain the power of failing to them.

By failing we succeed.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

Have the Strength to Fail
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