We all know that we need to advertise to get people to see our offers.

What some of us fail to realize is that the program or opportunity we need to spend our time and advertising dollars on is the one that we’ve tested to see which makes the most revenue.

In other words, where does our income come from?

If you’re like me, you have more than one ‘thing’ you’re promoting.

The reason I do, and tell me if it’s the same for you, is because I want to maximize income while doing business. So, I’ll use an autoresponder that also pays an affiliate commission. I carry that a step further and use one that pays the most.

The sites I advertise on pay some commission as well if someone on my team decides to use the same site. I can also recommend great video editing, list builder programs, a company that will incorporate you, a social media auto-poster and the list goes on and on.

All these things bring in revenue to me if someone uses them under me. This obviously increases my revenue and improves my bottom line.

The point is, why recommend something if you don’t benefit as well? Of course, you must only suggest things that work well otherwise you’ll lose your credibility.

However, with all these different programs that earn us some income, I generally only advertise one main product or program. That’s because you and I don’t need to waste any money needlessly.

Only advertise the program that’s making you the most income!

Then, as you have people join and they want to learn how you’re getting good results with online; then is when you mention one or two of the things you use while doing business. i.e. which autoresponder, which auto-poster, etc…

Here’s the math. Let’s say I have a program earning me $1,000 each month. I’ve tested it and know that if I spend $300 on it each month; I’ll make that $1,000 thus, earning a profit of $700! Not bad. I would gladly do that every month. In fact, I’d ramp that up to eventually spending $3,000 monthly to profit $7,000. (You would too!)

But, let’s say I also have a program that I’ve learned makes me $3,000 monthly by spending that $300 ad budget. What would you do? If you’ve tracked your ads (and this is why you track ads), you’ll know this program or product earns you $2,700 profit each month on just $300 spent.

Once you know this then THIS is the Program you should spend your advertising money on! It just makes sense and its how you can create a profitable business.

You’ve got to know your numbers.

Knowing makes all the difference.


Donald Gaw

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