Want to know the Key to earning great money in Business? I don’t mean just Online but, in every business on the Planet.

The Number One Key to having a Successful Business is ‘Patience’.

This is particularly vital to those of us in Networking or in any MLM Organization.

One of the main reasons so many quit their mlm business is they’re not earning what they thought they might earn when they first started a new opportunity. They were told they’d make thousands per month only to see the first month’s commission check turn out to be a mere $30 or so…if that!

That’s frustrating. And when you have monthly costs to run your business it can be downright scary!

But wait…let’s be ‘Patient’ and look at the numbers.

Let’s say you did do $30 commission your first full month. If you’ll do the math and, if you can motivate your team with the idea of trying to double your volume each month; pretty soon your commission check after 12 months would be $61,440.00 for that 12th month!

That’s terrific! See where being patient would pay of big time. $30 doubled each month becomes $60 the second month then $120 the third month then $240, then $480 etc…until, at the 12th month you’d have a wonderful $61,440.00 commission check!!! Wow!

Okay, Okay, Okay…let’s be realistic. We know not everyone you sign up will get on board with the work involved to make their business grow. So, let’s say you only got your Team to do 10% of that? That’s still not bad and it’s way, way above the average of what most earn from home.

A Ten Percent effort of the above example would still produce a monthly earnings of $6144.00 in residual income! Would that help you and your Family?

Do the math and be patient.

So what if you only earned $3.00 your first month! By the end of a 12 month period if you double your efforts each month; in other words, became the Leader you’re meant to be, you’d be making the equivalent of over $70,000 per year!

Here’s one more example from an acquaintance of mine. His first 18 months with his mlm he earned zero commissions. That’s a Goose Egg, Zilch, Nada…Nothing!!! He’s still with that same company. He never gave up. He was patient and he kept moving forward.

He now earns 7 Figures each and every month in that company. And he lives a lifestyle few can only imagine.

So…what are you prepared to do? Be patient or…jump from bizop to bizop thinking magic will happen!

Be ‘Patient’ my friend. Put in the time and watch your business grow.

Donald Gaw

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