In recent studies, it’s been shown that people that work for themselves are generally happier than most folks working a 9 to 5 job.

There are many reasons for this but the bottom line is: Being Independent is the main catalyst in creating a happier life.

People that work 9 to 5 for someone else are always worried about losing their jobs. They’re under immense pressure to meet deadlines and/ or quotas. They’re responsible for being on time every day. They have little control over how a task is done and little creative input regarding the direction a company may be going in.

How many times have we heard about employees showing up for work one morning only to find the place closed and the doors locked! Recently, one group of employees learned of their company being closed on the news one evening! That must have been a shock.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have little of these types of issues. They know what their profits are and they know what direction their business is heading in because it’s up to them. If they want to market XYZ Product…they do so. Or later, if they want to open up another product line, it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone because the Entrepreneur is in charge and decides these thing for him or herself.

When you’re the boss and also the employee you know what management is up to! 🙂

I’ve worked for myself for 20+ years now and I start work whenever. Generally I post that I’m online from 8am to 8pm, daily except Sunday. In reality, my day may start around 5am. Other times I might not do anything until 10am or so. It’s up to me after all. I don’t have the pressure of fighting traffic or being fussed at if I arrive somewhere at 9:05am instead of 9.

Almost all 9 to 5 work is regimented. There isn’t much flexibility allowed. To me, that routine is a nightmare. Having worked so long for myself, I can’t imagine having a boss.

The other thing about being independent is: You can offer genuine help to your associates.

I have one friend that recently joined IBO. They messaged me the other day saying they were a bit confused by some aspect of the IBO platform. Since I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself, I am able to set aside the time it takes to help my friend with this issue. I don’t have to ask permission or submit a request from an IT department or, fill out a form.

All I did was tell my friend that any day then want to go through the IBO platform, they could call me and I’d help. As an Entrepreneur, I have no stress and few problems unlike my counterpart who, toils daily in some cubicle or on an assembly line being scolded by unpleasant people that somehow made it into management.

The reason Entrepreneurs are generally happier is, being in business is fun. You make the rules and take your business and your life in whatever direction You Want It To Go. An that’s exciting and fun! And that makes us happy!

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