What I see a lot of people doing online is – “They forget to be individuals.”

In other words, they’re so busy copying others systems that they forget they’re unique people themselves. And, it’s that very ‘uniqueness’ that others follow.

True leaders and big down-line builders are all unique.

They are unique in the way they market. They’re unique in what they market. And, they’re unique in who they market to.

People that are new to business do need to learn from others and then apply what they’ve learned to see what works and what isn’t effective. But, at some point, we need to incorporate all we’ve learned into our own personality.

We have to inject our own beliefs and our own ethics into what we want our business to look like. That’s how you reach and grow your own client base.

If your business is just like Joe’s and Mary’s business what’s to keep me from following them instead of you? But, if you have something different about your business that appeals to others then…those other folks will follow you and not someone else!

Being unique isn’t that difficult either. You don’t need to do something spectacular to stand out. It could be something as purposeful as offering free training. Or becoming more accessible to your down-line than anyone else.

Just by returning a phone call would make you more interesting than 90% of anyone else online! Be the friendliest person. Or, give away the most free stuff. Remembering your down-line’s birthdays or anniversary is a great way to stand out.

Email your down-line an interesting article about their hometown or state. If they have a hobby like golf or fishing or gardening, send them free information on those subjects.

It doesn’t cost a thing for you to get to know your down-line and show them you genuinely care about their lives.

Doing simple things like these, will have you standing out from the crowd and make you a person that others will want to stay in business with for years to come.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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