Too often when we get involved in some method to make a bit of extra income online (or offline), we also decide we need all kinds of tools and systems so that our new business will thrive and grow.

Every other email has a plan for you to succeed in your new business. And, you’re made to feel, if you don’t purchase these systems and tools you will fail and become a part of the 97% of those that never make any money from their efforts.

Frankly, there are so many tools being offered that it’s overwhelming. The good news is, you really only need three things in order to be successful. Plus, you do not need to spend more money on all the ‘extras’ people are trying to sell to you.

The only reason they are trying so hard to sell you their stuff is so THEY can make money. Most of them don’t care what happens to you as long as you send them your dollars!

So. Here’s what you need to succeed.

One – you need a simple product or service.

Two – a free or very low cost and simple way to advertise it.

Three – three or four hours per week that you can spend on it.

That’s it. No lead building system. No auto-responders. No webinar systems. No video program. Just these three items.

If you just have to have one more item, I’d say number 4 would be a good work ethic. But, let’s assume that you are willing to sweat a bit to get the ball rolling so your bank account will finally start to grow.

Ok. So here’s an example of a very simple system. Look at: It’s free to join. There’s no cost for your personal website. And…you do no selling. This company offers Business Loans to Businesses.

All you do is tell a business owner about this service and the business owner then goes online, fills out a short form to see if they can qualify and how much they can qualify for and that’s it. There’s a 95% approval rate if qualified and if the business owner does secure a loan…you get paid!

This can be very lucrative, especially if you put a few partner affiliates under you.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

As for the second part, how do you advertise this? Well, social media and IBOToolbox and Backpage work ok but; I had a few flyers printed for less than $12. When I go out to shop, I might lay one down at the cash register but usually, I’ll just ask the manager if he thinks he would like to expand his business or do more marketing or remodel or renovate? If he says yes, I hand him my flyer and leave.

All I say is: “You can get a Business Loans from this Service. They offer loans to businesses from $5K up to $2 million for your Business.” There’s no fee to apply. Just fill out the form to see how much you can get!”

And the Third Part – I go hand out my flyers almost every day!

(By the way, you might want to message me if you’re curious about how much you can make with this. I’ll send you a free pdf showing the pay potential.) Email is:

To succeed online, forget all the guru formulas and the hyped up ads promising you’ll retire in 6 weeks. Ignore all the extra gadgets and gimmicks folks are selling you and just concentrate on working something simple. Get out of the house a bit and sweat a little. It’s good for you! (and less expensive)

All the best,

Donald Gaw

Don’t Get Bogged Down!
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