I sometimes think the Universe has a sense of humor. Like maybe there’s a team of ‘puppet masters’ pulling the strings…getting this one to walk that way and making the other one walk over there.

Controlling whether someone walks in front of a bus or falls off a ledge. All the while these ‘puppet masters’ are laughing hysterically at our simple existence and our simplicity.

Why is your life like it is? Why is mine? What have we done to deserve our circumstances? You see folks with massive houses, shiny cars and fat wallets and the rest of us don’t have any of that. Why?

I guess the ‘puppet master’ theory is as good an explanation as any other. Some blame luck or fate. Some blame other people. And, some just mope about their poor condition, not really blaming anybody but; accepting things none the less.

To discuss the ‘why’ of life would take volumes and would never produce the truth. However, we can simplify everything simply by asking one question.

“Can we change our lives?”

The answer is a resounding ‘YES!’.

Changing the conditions you find yourself in only takes one item. That item is a thing called ‘Willingness’.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘willingness’ as: The quality or state of being prepared to do something.

Okay. Now you might ask: ‘What do I have to do?’ The answer: ‘You must start.’

The strength of your willingness is in direct proportion to how disgusted you are at the way your life is going. You might also be a little ashamed, a little angry, a little hurt, a little embarrassed, somewhat lonely, hopeless, un-motivated and almost at the point of giving up totally.

If this is you, or has been you, then the good news is: “You are the perfect candidate for change.”

Here’s a secret: ‘The Universe puts the biggest problems in front of you right before rewarding you with huge blessings!”

Right at the point you’re ready to give up is when you need to stand up!

Don’t let your ‘bad luck’ or any lack of money keep you from having a better life. You are just as worthy as anyone else. Believe it. You were not put here to suffer. You were meant to excel. It takes willingness and nothing else.

You have to tell yourself ‘enough is enough’. Get it into your mind that you are not going to be ‘that person’ anymore. The time for you to make a change is now! When you’ve reached that point where you think you’re at the bottom and that hope is gone is when you must dig in and take action!

Putting you into a bad position is the Universe telling you it’s your turn for a ‘good position’. It’s time for more. It’s time for an increase. It’s time to turn on your willingness!

“Life. A chance to be.” D. G. Gaw

The very second you decide to have ‘better’ you will start to be rewarded.

Decide now! A ‘Way’ will appear!

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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Do You Ever Just Wonder ‘Why’?
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