Back many years ago I played Little League ball. Each team was made up of kids from all over town and then, the different teams formed into leagues and we played each other during our ‘season’ until the top teams from each League would play for a City Championship.

Bobby was our shortstop. I’d played on the team with him for two seasons and the only thing I knew about him was…that Bobby was our shortstop. I didn’t know where he lived or who his parents were or even what school he went to.

I only knew him for a bit, during our game each week, when we were scheduled to play.

Looking back to that time, I must assume Bobby lived in different circumstances. I suspect he might have been poor. Nobody else on the team knew anything about him either.

But, to a boy in love with baseball, the only thing that mattered to us was this. Bobby was the best player anyone had ever seen. He was poetry in motion as he dove for a hard hit grounder. His arm could rocket the ball over to first to put the runner out. And, when he was at bat, he could get on base 9 out of ten times.

To all of us, there’s never been a better baseball player.

And that’s all that mattered. We were a bunch of 8 and 9 year old boys that relished playing Mr. Doubleday’s wonderful game and, Bobby; despite his circumstances, was our hero. He was our teammate and we were proud to be on the same field with him.

Happenstance had nothing to do with it.

What all this tells us is no matter where someone comes from or what their politics might be or what religion or educational background…they matter and can make a difference to you and to others.

When we go out and recruit people into our Networking Business we should remember this. All anyone needs are the right tools to do a great job. Bobby had all he needed. He had a glove and tennis shoes and a place to show us his talent on the ballfield.

All any of your new Business Partners need are for you to supply ‘Everything They Need’ to do the job and a chance to use the Tools you give them. That’s the responsibility we have as entrepreneurs and business builders.

‘Give others a chance and they will overcome their circumstance!’ – D. G. Gaw

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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